crafty: skillful; ingenious; dexterous.

The Mumbai Taxi cab interiors

Gated entrances – a new monstrosity in the village. Or an apartment entrance.

Women weave handloom, sustainable material made by women in Maheswar MP

Amazing Obataimu  in Mumbai – contemporary sustainable clothes made to order while training tailors and supporting sustainable dying.

The village bed – my favorite and in almost every village home.
The village toilet – this one is mobile.

Nothing more crafty and visually astounding than the market. These areas are the cultural hub  – note the tools and multiple use of sarongs.

Simply I walked out my hotel room and saw a class of students painting mandals on local walls – culture!! And the boy looks crafty!

Chalk drawings at Sewhadham Ashram – I simply supply the chalk and sit while to women do their amazing drawings on the cement floors.

I am always astounded at what people do with the old and the leftovers – very crafty!

The beauty of color and material at a guru event – he was on the stage – a crafty kinda man? Or the wedding icons that seem to travel around the town on the heads of the poor.


This is a 1/4 bottle of warm fresh cows milk from the local villager. A wooden chapati board and my green metal fruit cover with a plastic leaf handle. Ahh good craft is in the eye of the beholder.

Cow paintings – one on a a wall of a street and 2nd in a hindu temple! Love both of them!!

My craftless kitchen – not the luxury accomodation that was promised.


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