Toilets  – this week while on my morning outing I saw 5 kids deficating on the road, 2 old men pulling themselves together coming out of the roadside ditch, 6 toilets completely locked and another 6 with broken ceramic not installed and without even a hole.  All were in the village area. Hmmmm……

Graphics: We all come in shapes and sizes. From top to bottom – a magic show poster. School poster. Athletic graohic inserts at a vacant government gym. Tin door shop front advertisement. Off ramp pilgrimage promotiion. I think political statemnt.

Then there is my shelf issue. I go to these must see places and end up taking photos of what is behind the altar, or temple or actually on a persons wall. Then again who is buy what is on display in shop windows ?  eeeeek a bit nosey?

2 great riverside murals!!!!


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