It is all about the hair! But is there any real difference between a Guru who performed miracles or a Health Guru who …..

Sunday is Barbershop day – a tin shack on a village road, a salon on a toen road they all

offer the same and need a bit of help from the Black Barbers in Long Beach – Indian barbers do not know about the hairline edge – I don’t think the man getting a shave enjoyed me taking the photo.

Some things look the same but the uses are a bit different. In the west we usea collapasable mesh  it to keep flies and bugs out of food. While in India it is a baby cover?

Jobs, jobs, jobs ……. the guys on the left were hand plucking the grass to make a field – he did state he was a farmer and needed to supoort his family. hmm……. Then the men on the right spent the day cross legged making cups full of curd, dal and 8 spices.  They were delicious! They did give some date they had been there for – I think over 40 years …. hmmm.

Kids, kids, kids …. simply drawing with chalk on the floor. Nothing fancy volunteering in a locked ward.

This elderly lady barley knew that a pencil adds color to a page and spent a long time in her bed tentatively scribbling – just delighful to watch her have something to do. While the ladies on the right had simple blank stairs – 20 in each cement room.

They sit in packs of 3. Can’t figure out why. The men on the left were sitting with their water buffalos hanging in the background, and the grandfathers on the right I pass daily on the way to work. “Apka photo bana loon” – my only Hindi. We smile, I am sure they think here comes that fake blond idiot again. They smile, I take the photo,  I leave.

Then what is it with the orange blog? I have been lectured so many times about the significance and symbolism, the idols, gods, mythology blah blah blah. I don;t understand it is just an orange bolb sometimes with eyes somtimes not. Sparkles, wearing make up, cotton covered, flowered decorated. A plethora of decorated serious blobs.

I haven’t stopped giving away photos –  but what happens when the contract workers disappear (left image) We think that the gig economy is a new global phenomena – nope the Indian poor have been doing it for ever and the contractor makes more money just connecting people.

Believe it or not – both are spiritual places. A sanskrit school and a naked Jain temple. (entrance banner) Personally I am enjoying the complementary colors – orange and blue for the uneducated?

Love the turban and the bike and the tiled floor – all very  culturally Indian and ancient.

Sorry abaout the unlimited photos. I loved the red peanuts. I commented to my friend how clever it was for the salesman to paint the nuts such a delightful pink. She looked at me with bulging eyes full of disbelief or disgust – “nahim” (no) they are simply peeled raw peanuts.

Two interesting things that  show Indian toilet ideas.

Village life. 2 different kitchens.


This Ganesh did not make the water dunking. The discussion is now about dunking Durgas – Not sure what god that is but it is coming!!

Yup that is a beedie ( cigarette) in the kids mouth on the right.


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