So this week Ganesh came in a vengence wrapped on a truck – he eventually gets dunked in the water  – think a butt load of useless trash

Chutchskees that go with the Ganesh festival are sold by villgers on the side of the road – totally inventive wrapping – old candy wrappers – I got a horn made out of a funnel, peice of tube and a birthday blower – only 10rps.  Even a soap stone shiva caught my eye! (better than the ever present orange blob idol)

So we finally moved to the University Campus – it is monstrous!!
The fact that I have been living and working in a hotel is beside the point – now we are working 16kms out of Ujjain –  in the middle of farms and villages ….. eeek –
Note the red circle on the left building that is a guy hanging from a rope that is held by another man with the rope around his waist. He is sitting on a plank of wood that is swinging precariously 8 + stories above the ground  – hmmm sounds like my work life in India, except his job has a bit of physical danger.

I have a scooter and she is my best friend! We go to work everyday  – FREEDOM!! eeeeek cows, kids, and plaster arches everywhere!!

Uper  – Holiday time again in India and it was off to a hill town – Mussoorie.
A bit of trash fills the street with the town backdrop and a shop with sewing trash.
I actually loved this mans shop!

Packing up after a days work this cart looks great under the light and the stuffed animals at my amazing hotel – Kashmanda Palace – a renovated convent filled with fake Raj images and real Taxidermy animals.

I can never pass up the opportunity to photograph drying laundry at a tourist place.  That is 100% Indian, the laundry blocked the view and the fountain didn’t work.
But never fear if you feel sick or hurt yourself because right up the street I want you to   please note the test tubes and petri dishes in the Doctors front window!

And I am back on the bad job binge – the guy on the left is capable of putting a washing machine on is back, using his head to hold the load – I only saw a few workers with several bags of cement and piles of potatoes.
The girl on the right lives upstairs with her father, think attic area. hShe supports her family by selling junk food and sewing while her brother goes to the local convent school – very good education, and her other brother died while she had the worst gash across her nose I have seen in a while.
I pounded past her shop 3 days in a row  – my morning walk on the way to eat very average coissants up the hill.

Look hard on the left, that fat toad lying on something was throwing trash out his window onto the street – gotta love the juxtaposition to the woman on the banner with  diamonds underneath.
A few more drying clothes in the highlands – just saying the view of the Himalayas was amazing!!


And then it was back to work – the Chai shop on the corner to the university. and a mechanic hard at work in the mountains.


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