Farmer and the kids – out on my daily run / walk

Look carefully on the left – a chained man in a temple. Opens the mind to all sorts of imagining – The gnesha’s made of plaster of paris and neon acrylic started appearing last Friday – he removes of obstacles and I thought it was for wealth. Oops – music is back blasting in every community. pop – up temples.  eeek 10 days more!

The oldies on the left were rolled through the old town Bopal, followers kissing and sweeping hands and feet – again Ganesha’s celebration – I think ….. but if you don’t speak the language then who know why they were behind a marching  band of 4? Then what about the orange blob idol on the right  – it comes in many different blob sizes and roundness – and all over the place – who are you?



Both are drawing – my 2nd batik lesson using  natural dyes. Love the masters – first he said he read many books about natural dyes then slipped in – but it was handed down over generations???? hmmm I like the first.
The woman on the left is drawing with chalk on the floor – my first volunteering at Sewandham Ashram – very simple, very immediate and very delightful – some of the women had never used a crayon. Life sucks and art can offer a bit of a reprieve.

Still on my toilet binge. Here are 2 classics I found –
One blocking the beautiful view Mandu. The other sits right on the edge of a river bank – dumping all the shit straight in to the city river. This is in the cleanest city in India. Indore.

This problem has been popping up for the past 2 months + and I am flabbergasted.  A colleague tells me there is a myth – cut braids can make you invisible. The local men believe the braids were owned by witches. People are fainting ….. a man has even had his cut off?

I got myself a new scooter. Yup thats me on the right. The selfie on the right is one of 12 taken with local men in one day. Why would any one want to take a photo with an old, chubby wrinkled, stunted woman? They want the self on their phones most of the time so I insist on a selfie as well – what do you think – an art project.

A bit odd – 24 bottles of water, 12 shampoo bottles, 6 combs, 5 tooth brushes, 15 soaps, no toilet paper and they still replenish with more. Note the swiffer under the cycling machine – when does a cleaner sweep under the machine while you are peddling – I nearly collected him?

My favorite graphics of the week.

2 dubious places to sell your products – note they are women.


And to top the week off I went to a Gandhi celebration  – perfect for this era of hate and violence. We traveled in an ambulance and I sat beside everal elderly Gandhi freedom fight who worked beside Gandhi and were still pushing compassion and equality – not hate. Check out Sewandham Ashram.


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