Week 2 video – a simple 30sec mashup.

Sewham ashram – taking care of over 500 mentally, physically, simply people who no one else wants. Bloody amazing! Mumbai National theater performing social messages such as early childhood marriages and a ward with over 100 men, sone who can’t leave their beds, others just hanging in a safe place. Check it out! http://www.sewadhamashram.blogspot.in

A day learning how to create natural dyes with and amazing 80+ year old artisan. We only got the sizing out … and needed his 2 sons to help? but this woman did manage to dye the spaot on her goat with henna.

Then I cut this article out of the local paper. Just a few odd reporting comments? You only have to read the first paragraph  – alledged rape? and stones in a stomach?

Guess what the image on the left is? ….. A disney comic book rat? No a visualization of Krishna, they tell me it isn’t finished – and the man on the right was sitting in the corner of a tent while people ate french fries with chillli masarla and mayonaise. But what I didn’t post was the orange blob idol of Shiva (I think) who drinks rum??? weird?

My latest way to kill time – I take locals photographs while on my morning walks, get them printed, then give them the photos of themself – these are the photos showing the place where they were taken – get it – connecting the face with place.

There is something very odd about this picture of a family home. 1. it is made of old bricks and sticks that are not cemented together so it looks very temporary. 2. that rain water drum looks awfully solid – that means not going anywhere. 3. there were 6 people living there?

These 2 images live side by side?

Indian cakes – after independence day and my man who lives on a stretcher in Red pants.

make you own connections.


Not sure why I am doing it but in this instant digital world it is nice to have something solid to show us we exist!


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