Fully covered woman with a mural of a Hindu Jesus.

Is it religion or culture. Sai Foundation – I go for quiet – only to be followed by the intern – who followed and chatted to me consistently – he has been there for over 17 years, been to Australia 2 times. Smiles and a selfie – not sure why he wanted a selfie with my phone on a religious stage? 
Then there were these boys – living in the middle of some fields – think orphanage  – they were engaging with me until a man came out with a stick and threatened them, They cringed & scattered – It was suggested to me that may be they were a religous school learning sanskript.

So which is the more real? The man placing little fake plastic diamonds next to a small Mandir ask tourist price for a bangle or the person selling this junk – eeeek

This creep came over to me while I was sitting on a ghat in Udaipur. He proceeded to touch my feet and ask me for money. Did he ask the Indians sitting next to me? NOPE. He then proceeded to follow me for most of the afternoon. CREEPY!

Believe it or not these were swan paddle boats in the middle of a road roundabout in downtown Udaipur

Not sure what this was? I went for a walk, got lost, got exhausted, found this lake building surrounded in trash with no way to get to the building – it was totally blocked  – but what was interesting were the murals.

Some say the colors are amazing, the beautiful purple with the henna red hands. She was on here way home from collecting water at the local pump …. one long walk and that bowl on here head must be heavy!

They untouchable women, another heavy burden. Lie – at least they are happy in their poverty.

A barber shop

A temple mural & a bike

The barefoot college – in Rajasthan – empowering village women  – here they are making solar powered lights. Great right!! But one question?  Why was I taken around by a male? Why was there a male in every room, just sitting at a table in full view doing nothing while women worked? Why was a male laking to women about sex education and parenting? ….. hmmmmm   – click and see what they do!!!  https://www.barefootcollege.org


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