Take a look – freeway crossing – the trick is there are fences on either end – the question? how do you get across?

So I am in Ujjain – a hindu pilgrimage town on the tropic of Cancer.

I am here to work at a University – Creative thinking I think? But where is the university?

So I am exploring the town. You might try and imagine who lives here. The one on the left is a road side house – small food stand – there are 1000’s of them, they all sell the same stuff – little packages of junk food as snacks – I love them! The one on the right is a servant / maid / helpers home that is usually plopped caddy corner to the employers larger cement house. Usually no toilet, kitchen is a pot and propane outside and approx 3- 5 family members sleep in a single bed.

Then at the end of one new street I found a dairy. The man at the table is filling plastic bags with milk. Nope it is not fresh – he has emptied a large vat of pre-bought milk and is repackaging for resale. Right a picture of the owners father and prize bull on a staged background he was sitting with his uncle just hanging.

No matter where you go in the world there is always the kitch factor – selling treasures from your pilgrimage. But the one mobile seller that I think the most innovative is the egg seller – fried or boiled. There are 100’s of them in Ujjain and please tell me when is an egg ‘non-veg’. That is Hindi for non-vegetarian.

I went to get my eyes tested – great when you don’t speak the language and no good information about the eye center – the plastic suction capped ECT test was a bit unusual -But the treat was seeing the camels tromping through downtown traffic simply honking and veering around them.

So this weekend warrior went for her own pilgrimage – 155kms by car. It took us 4 hours to get there by car and 6 hours back but what an experience! PACKED!!!! A blessed pilgrim walks it in orange carrying water to deliver to the incarnation of god …I think?

They wash, they wait and they are blessed.

Once that is complete they can make as many wishes as they want. I mad mine as well!

But you must always remember there is an astonishing variety of culture that is totally awe inspiring – the man was begging on the ghats. 5cents for a photo. The cow on the right was blocking the front hallway to someones path while the little daughter took a shit outside on the sidewalk.

Still life goes on  – a man sitting on side of major road reading!
And the exposed waist of a woman in a sari.




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