A week in the center of small town india is full of juxta_lot_of_things.

First there was the gym experience. A trainer in the hotel I am living in was trying to stop a family from using the machines with no shoes while their young daughter nearly got clobbered by a machine as she ran around unsupervised. and a man had a cup of tea served to him while doing an ab workout.

or perhaps the fabulously bad architecture – what is with the square formatting?
or the very poor roadside home.

then it could be the University I am meant to be working for that only exists on a road sign or in a hotel conference room that we work at for 9 hours a day … ugh

or the noise pollution from the constant blasting of horns – yes the traffic is beyond chaotic – going the wrong way along a street is the norm and cows just plonk their arses in the middle of the road.

and believe it or not – it is pilgrimage season – a month of mostly men (99%) dressed in  orange with poles and water walking 100’s of kilometers in orange.

Please note the enthusiasm at the end of the pilgrims road and the special treat I was given from a guard who took a selfie with me and cared for my sandals while I was moshing with the crowds for a blessing with Shiva.

BUT the best part today was walking the final 4 kms to the pilgrimage end with a bunch of delightful village women! Gotta say women rock!

and my favorite part of the day  – my morning walk with a chai break!

Ahhh what the hell am I doing?


3 thoughts on “more or less?

  1. That is a lot to take in Ang! Living and working in a hotel prompts TONS of questions. Are you doing more than class prep? What are the coworkers and supervisors like? When is the school scheduled to open and, most importantly, are you looking forward to working there?

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