After weeks of negotiations the banner for my ‘Our Town’ NEA public art project has been blocked …. What even happened to public art? What is public Art??   http://www.blotnbyte.com


4 months drawing and having conversations with  the North Pasadena locals.

26_asianLadyProcess2Every week at Perry’s joint cafe


25 Pasadena ARTS buses say “yes” to banner for over 6 months


I get warned off from working with the Local Library – I offended the library assistant cause I talked to some undocumented mothers and a local community member thought I was  out of my territory – translation – don’t walk in my back yard.

Coffee cups and book marks for the participants – all individually drawn and gifted


The community takes over and Perry Bennett has conversations with black men about the first drawing – a Latino man in the park –  audio by black men!    hmmmmm


I start taking Boxing lessons – Flat on my back for days.
Working with Fatima – 16 and boxing for life – out shining me – her dedication, energy and generosity – my teens watch TV and complain if they have to do the washing up.


I keep drawing in the coffee shop! We keep having conversations!  Perry’s Joint Cafe on Lincoln in Pasadena – love that place!!


Audio soundscape created by “Mulm” for mobile devices, phone and web!!! and the  QR code audio tours are ready to go.   blotnbyte.com tours

More coffee cups, more meetings, more drawings – public art is about the process!!!

Fausto – the boxing coach  – a watered down drawing of a terrific man!

My favorite water ice block Limon or chilli and mango – They have to come from the cart!!!

Any ideas?   Audio is accessed through http://www.blotnbyte.com


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