Do you ever wake up think the day is yours?

2 teenage boys off to school both with separate breakfasts and different lunches.

I was having a great day. Out the door, youngest learning to drive, I’m  in the passengers seat, feeling chill ….  CRUNCH we slide the front of the car down the curb.

I’m chill,… “You idiot” I yell. The response “well you should have parked the car properly”


We drive down the road …  still arguing.
“just chill mum that’s why no one likes you. You just old and wrinkled and yell all the time. You know you have no friends”

I’m still feeling righteous … his words are just bouncing off me. I’m Chill
He says he apologized,  I don’t believe him.

We sweep around another corner.
still yelling at each other. I’m still feeling good. Chill.
BUT Somehow I’m driving. Some where between the last 2 turns I have managed to kick him out of the drivers seat and I am in control.  He still won’t apologize for grinding the car down the curb.

One more corner and ooops I loose it. Feeling totally in control I screech to a halt, and  throw his school bags into the middle of the road and drive off. I get to the corner, feel guilty, chuck a Uie, then spend the next 2 blocks following him along the footpath in the car yelling ” get THE FUCK back in the car!!! – his response – “you told me to get out so I am staying out …”

I go for a morning swim.  I am feeling gooood. I’m chill

I am going to surprise the boys, be the perfect mother and cook a fresh dinner.

I get to the super market and I have to pee. Ugh I still have my speedo on and lazily do not want to take it off. It is easy to imagine how I managed that. Then it is off swishing down the isles, picking and prodding fruit and veges. I am chill.

Quietly a much younger woman comes up and whispers in my ear.
“Do you know you have toilet paper hanging out your pants.”


My Chill evaporated, i was still pulling it out when I got home hours later.


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