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This summer I’m traveling to North Long Beach, California

Neightbourhood1 neighbourhood3


Cal_i_for_nia bay_bee
Well … it’s not such a great neighborhood but is has potential
(get your phones out – cnr. of Artesia and Atlantic Ave – a jump to Compton )
Yup i’m still an artist, (well sort of )  I’m still making things, and I am excited.
North Long Beach, land of the Barber shops, empty store fronts and bad body art.
7 Barbers in 1 block.
They call this a ‘disenfranchised’ neighborhood …… hmmmmm


I have spent hours walking the streets, being a middle aged, wrinkly white woman trying to get the feel of the place – do you think that will work ……  ugh!

bbqChickenThe Proposal:
Embed myself in the neighborhood by renting a store front as my studio.
Open door policy – if I’m in you can come in.
Create a series of animations about the barber shop culture
Walk the streets at night projecting the animations onto alternate spaces (hmmm not sure I shouldn’t bring a body guard)


Step 1: Walk into an all black barbershop and ask to take photos! Just interested right.

1st scan the room and look. I notice a gentleman sitting on a chair – “devils son” tattooed on one cheek, a cross in the crease between his eyebrows and something about god on the other cheek – blue neck tattoos crawling up to hide behind his ears. Not such a good idea.


Never fear  Sky was there!

Step 2: When did Beatriz’s become Olinda’s
Get your hair cut and dyed by a local


Step 3: Use your network – Drop by the councilman’s office, ring every number on every store front, meet with the local art community, keep popping into shops, buy snacks. Follow every lead. Listen to everyone.

networkStep 4: Take your children to get their cut by different Barber Shops.


Step 5: Trust no one. Laugh a lot and be yourself.


Step 6: Apply for more grants.
Put a cash deposit on a studio storefront –
Not sure if I was conned  – all a little too easy?


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