gobb smacked -

gobb smacked

Needles puncture gums,
Pressure builds,
Scalpel cuts.

Mouth wide open,
Dribble slides down,
Hand eases my head,
Slowly I relax.

Dentist prattles on.
Friend, mentor, professor,
someone he knows?
Lost his job – sexual predator?

My head lies heavy
in the softness,
of a fat belly.


5 thoughts on “GOBB SMACKED

  1. Well said….captain ? …i seem to leave that type of close encounter… smelling like the one orchestrating the appointment…the scent hangs around until I shower…. ~ Jackie

  2. I go to the only dentist in our town that still administers laughing gas, and I call my dental hygienist Nurse Ratched, such is my anxiety.

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