Halloween batman
Exposed rounded back.
Velcroed at neck,
nylon riding up his butt


With cheerleading skirt
riding high & tight, Orange slits
Purple undies collecting cellulite

He Karate chops & kicks empty air
Mother bends exposing purple surface veins.
“That’s bad!”  Mums don’t do that.
“But what’s uglier – the tampon string hanging.”

UGH ……

When is a dog worth more than 8 girls?


When he sucks down a sock and it never comes out his butt!


4 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad & The Down Right Ugly

  1. Oh boy…I’m still waiting for a piece of a plastic hair clip to travel out of my dog Etta’s butt after 10 days. It was fairly small though, but kind of sharp! Happy Holidays, dear.

  2. Ohhhh noooooo! Agnes used to eat the ends of my silk scarves. They all had cute little semi circles on the ends. Never had to do surgery, it usually came out one end or the other. Except that one time she had to have three enemas and right before they went for the surgical gown…..out came a foot long…..something unidentifiable but fibrous…..and then…she….was….just….fine. That cost about 2 Kenyan girl’s education for a year. A new monetary unit? This may be worthy of a new series of postcard exchanges….anyway, I hope your pup is fine. Love, c, and thanks for supporting that girl, too.

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