Holidays schomolidays – I feel like a schmuck! Barr humbug!!


So to make for the holiday cheer, I drove around my neighborhood to spot the best decorations!


Only in Southern California – fake snow on the manicured front lawn of a ranch house

THAT’S IT FOR HOLIDAY CHEER!!!  I am on a bit of an art binge – an exhibition a week keeps me thinking …. NOT !!!!! just updating my knowledge and looking at the competition!

There is nothing like rushing through your day after some relaxing yoga, checking on a son playing tennis and told to leave, (embarrassed by me in my yoga pants and bike helmet, cheering him on from the sideline – I don’t understand???) Then it is picking up dog pooh ( pounds of it – 2 big Labs) and rushing off to Torrance Museum for an artist talk  – Yup I was excited – something that I am interested in – Travel,  digital media and culture.  WELL …..


FORGET IT –   Sara Schnadt Travelogue, 2011

In a small ante room I plonked my arse down in a hard seat and watched photographs and text,  flip sequentially on the wall …… yawn uhmmm …. wriggling in my seat, I decided to ask a few questions  – I thought  – then  I asked a few intelligent ones, LIKE?   –
ME – “did you take the pictures?” –
SARA – “NO”  – they were appropriated from other sources, old books and the internet”.
ME: “where do the quotes come from …”
SARA:  “OH several different places” ….
ME: “So why all the appropriated photographs?  What is the relationship between the photos and the quotes?”
– I liked that one!!!
SARA: “Oh they were set up to make you think”
WHAT??? Then my brain starts to click over – I think to myself this looks familiar………
So my last question:  “Have you seen the books we all  can make of our travels with Apple or lulu – there is even an APP       MOSIAC?
SARA:  – “NO”


ME: what about home made coffee table books? Your Powerpoint looks like a digital version of the ibook”
Sara:  “NO, I have never seen them – what are they?”  –
Gee I think  –  my friends make holiday travel books with words  – they are  delightful.
ME: ” What is the difference between your slide show installation and my friends travel book? ”
remember  I think there is a saying – “everything is art”
Sara:  “Of course the artists INTENT”  – silly me that makes all the difference  ????
WHAT THE F**K??    I’M AN IDIOT – is a slide-show installation combining texts and images of urban and rural landscapes from a wide range of sources and time-periods to create a “visual essay on changing and enduring perceptions of site (man-made and natural), the ethos of exploring wilderness, and what our relationships to site say about us.” – I don’t believe it!!!


Commerce councilman’s CHRIST-mas decorations – note the free bit of advertising in the bottom left hand corner – who does that? Bought to you by …….


Then I went into the gallery next door and saw this pathetically repetitive exhibit – one head and 365 of them
Lindsey Schulz
Keep Out of Reach, 2012   CHECK OUT THIS STATEMENT – “Suboxone wrappers and Polaroids with Ink I adapt a clinical approach to my practice manifesting through rigorous controlled methods; beginning with psychological interests, the result emphasizes structure, texture, material and a sense of emotional entanglement. I am drawn to labor-intensive work that reveals an intimacy of human touch often with unconventional materials”.

What the heck does that mean? – all she did was follow her junkie cousin possibly to save him – WHAT – lets get honest here??
The same snap shot over a year – how many times have I seen that … ooocch about 15 in the last couple of years …  booooooring .
How do they get in an exhibitition while my fantastic china series is still waiting for a space ?????
AND HAS ANYONE WHO KNOWS A JUNKIE EVER considered the decline of a human being as structure, texture and psychologically interesting – I would say very depressing, sad and fragmented!!!

my studio

my studio

So it was back to my studio with my dogs who are covered with biting flies.  – I had taken time out of my busy schedule, to buy some spray to get rid of the flies – not looking at the spray bottle I start spraying  – ahhhhhhh that’s it I got rid of them …. NOT!!!!  So I spray more again … the flies are still buzzing ??????  so I look at the label – oops it is for the outside deck – choline mold  removal.

So guess what I was doing at 4am the next morning – cleaning up vomit from both my dogs – IT WAS THE INTENT THAT COUNTS.


Just to top off my art experiences – I went to the OC Museum – check out the great attendance at the show – I love how important art and culture is in every bodies life!

Police patrol the streets outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after a shooting in Newtown, Connecticut,

Armed guards at elementary schools – and they should be volunteers – think the minute men vigilantes with guns – GOD HELP US ALL – and I am not religious!


Guess what happened next – I went shopping for holiday presents at the exclusive Fashion island – Orange County. An hour after shopping I was enthusiastically informed by my son – there had been a shooting at the MALL a minimum of 40 shots fired ……  SO why don’t I agree with  the NRA – lets just put armed guards at every school  – that will stop the shootings.


Well here is my effort at holiday cheer!! Bloody beautiful baby!!
Cut out of left over drawing paper 4′ x 3′ bet you wish you had one…. right!!!


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