What is it about me that makes me want to BLOG.

Hostess went out of business

Some say it is because I am just an “idiot” – I think it is just because I don’t look where I am going!!! One thing leads to another and I simply hit wall after wall.

single and bored – 3rd movie of the weekend

Today I ran a mini triathlon, helped my son create his science project ( actually he gave up and I took over), visited a Museum, bought a wedding present, changed a lock, stabbed my finger with a screw driver and got a large blood blister! Argued with our Iranian student who lives with us so we can pay our mortgage, checked out to see if anyone has winked at me on match.com and watched a football game on TV – exciting right? (by the way I hate football on TV!)

bromide atom

On Thursday I head off to Australia for a few days, and today I needed a wedding present so it was off to the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) – Long Beach. I am assuming that anything Latin, Australians love and  think are exotic?

Plodding into the front entrance I noticed a free Sunday sign….. I suppose I could visit the galleries I think to myself – it is free and I am an artist, I sort of feel obligated. Low and behold the first exhibitions were female artists. How often do you walk into an art gallery and see 2 women retrospectives – NEVER ….. The artists were DEBORA-ARANGO and LOLA ÁLVAREZ BRAVO …. Unfortunately the lighting was terrible, but there was an interesting painting –  and a weee wee weee little  photo of Frieda Kahlo which needed a HUGE magnifying glass view it.

Giving Birth

My question is, how much do these 2 paintings reference each other – Frieda Kahlos, 1930 Giving Birth (Mexico) and Madonna del Silenco ca 1944 – Debora Arango Perez? What is it about women and giving birth?

Galleries are like mausoleums

Then it was on to the 2nd exhibit -beautifully lit, and full of mainly male made art objects from the permanent collection. But what really appealed to me was the connecting “Tall Tales” written on the wall. Stories that the authors had made up in response to the images, creating connections that did not seem possible. One of the hardest things as a viewer is to be confident in your interpretation of an image. So having someone elses story made me feel very comfortable. AND for all you art connoisseurs –  YES I do know it does seem sacrilegious to have someone elses story beside your artwork!!!

a part of a tall tale

The story weaved its way through the rather boring images and forced me to look at little closer  – something I find hard to do when I am rushing through the gallery trying to get to the end of the show so I can buy a wedding present. Slowly I did start to relax into the space … and then slap the children’s interactive section. Like a fake room with a set of fill in the answers paper, – this is so the child can produce a “Tall tale” – are you kidding me!!!! What happened to dragging your child through the museum against their will so they can get a bit of culture.

manufactured stories

Who would have thought that going to get a wedding present I would have thought so much! Not bad for an unemployed artist or should I say an artist in transition or I am simply an entrepreneur?

The lock that caused me to stab my finger

Just as a side note – it has taken me a few days to post this cause I am soooo busy. Well I have been entertaining myself with match.com – got a great result today!!! Some guy is in Turkey – out of country for 3 weeks and wants to email me. OKKKKK ???? so he sends me the email and I google his name – What do you think turns up – CHECK out the link below!! SPECTACULAR!!!


Tiger Leaping Gorge – match.com picture


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